REST API Notes Thanksgiving Special, 2018/11/21

If you're in the United States, this email probably finds you either in transit or in preparation (or both!) for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a time that is associated with indulgent shopping, strained family conversations, and overeating while the Detroit Lions find less entertaining ways to lose.

However, at the core of the proceedings is an expression of gratitude. It is about recognizing the people that enrich and sustain us in times of both prosperity and weakness. Thanksgiving is, for a few hours at least, acknowledging the modest principles common to us all: no one is an island, we are stronger together than apart, and the challenging problems of the future will require everyone.

Thank you for subscribing and reading this. In an era of ripe with shiny baubles, I'm consistently flattered that folks opt for email. Thanks to the folks who write in corrections or challenges to my more colorful assertions; you keep me honest and the writing tight. Thank you to my Patron sponsors who show their support via the tip jar:

  • Steven, the newly minted IBM'er
  • Ted, a fantastic community booster
  • Jake, the Automattic magician
  • Hubrix, along with the generous wizard behind that curtain
  • Adam, who's gone rouge - and for whom I'm happy to pitch for, just say the word
  • Chris, who I really need to have dinner with the next time I'm in Richmond

I'm thankful for the people who encourage me to continue writing. It sometimes takes lots of effort. But the end reception helps me power through those moments when it would be so much easier to 'Netflix and chill'. Last week I posted two pieces about my evolving API Governance work:

Finally, thanks goes to the greater API community. Together, we continue to meet often enough that a site like is viable. I wrote, earlier this year, about moving the site over the HTTPS. At the time I accomplished the main goal of securing the site, but the tinkering meant the design was... shall we say... basic. I've put some of the Patron money toward the generous font, icon, and video creators who share their work online.

It is still a WIP (there's some hover/row-color issues over the table cells). But the bit of polish helps immensely. If you haven't been there yet, check it out and let me know what you think.

Next week I'll return to regularly scheduled programming - including a dissection of a link-baity post by an internet notable who should know better. But, for now, I wish you the holiday best with you and yours.

Thank you.


@libel_vox and

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