REST API Notes for 2017/10/16


Last week was the 2017 Nordic APIs platform summit. Bill Doerrfeld has, unsurprisingly, the best recap of the event. There's a wealth of jumping off points in the article; find a rabbit hole appropriate to you and enjoy the dive. One item, in particular, was worth a standalone mention: Oldrich Novak and Zdenek "Z" Nemec had a great presentation on success criteria, lifecycle management, and the tech stack that adidas created for their new APIs. For those looking for a high level, holistic view on what an API program might look like I'd start here.


As if that wasn't enough content to peruse, videos from RESTfest 2017 are beginning to appear on their Vimeo page. There's a couple of videos up at the moment, including the keynote by Irina Bolychevsky. Make sure to look around; it seems that not every new video is being tagged correctly (the item by Matt Bishop, for example, appears on the main page rather than the 2017 channel). However, I'd expect that to be corrected shortly, along with additional content being added.


I'm going to break from the conference recaps and highlight Mark Boyd's Programmable Web piece on securing APIs. This morning I woke up to a Twitter feed full of alarms over KRACK Attacks. While not directly related, ithe emerging news emphasizes that we are living in different times than the carefree, Web 2.0 days. While there are those that make a living doing nothing but securing apps, every API creator has a responsibility to understand the risks.


In an announcement on the Hitch blog was the announcement that the team was joining New Relic. You may remember Hitch as the group behind the interesting AsyncAPI specification. The announcement is explicit to point out that "New Relic has not acquired HitchHQ or its assets, products or technology". I'm assuming that means that AsyncAPI will remain a community project. I wish Bruno Pedro, Luke Miller, and the rest of the HitchHQ team best of luck with their new roles!


Another week, another set of kind words from Kin Lane in regards to approach to API Governance at Capital One. In a large organization, building internal communities can be as important, if not more, than external efforts. I am proud of the work my team has been able to lead here and looking forward to what's next.

I'll end by mentioning that I updated for items through mid-November. If you have a conference, meetup, or hackathon that should be listed ping me - I'd be glad to add it.

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