REST API NOTES FOR 2015/06/01 - Mike Amundsen Love Fest

In each REST API Notes I usually try to highlight no more than three of the best links from the prior week. Every once and awhile, however, something comes along that is so worthwhile that it warrants having an entire correspondence focused on it.

Last week, Mike Amundsen - author, RESTfest organizer, and perpetual jet-setter - announced a new series he edited for InfoQ. It is named "Description, Discovery, and Profiles: The Next Level in Web APIs". The content itself is all killer, little filler. The work also features such API figureheads as Ronnie Mitra, Mike Stowe, Kine Lane, Mark Foster, Tony Tam, and Erik Wilde.

The series, to be rolled out weekly between now and early July, contains tremendously actionable information for any API creator. Two pieces, at the time of this writing, are currently available:

There's no reason to keep reading this. Get yourself over to Description, Discovery, and Profiles: The Next Level in Web APIs and begin making better APIs today!

Till next time, Matthew (@libel_vox)

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