Net API Notes for 2021/03/26 - Issue 156

I have a significant personal announcement coming next week; the run-up to that has been impeding my ability to get the newsletter out in a timely fashion. That said, sometimes there are some pieces too good not to share. So here we are - a rare Friday edition of the Net API Notes!

Quick! Before we run aground!



The Virtual Domain-Driven Design group has been producing some fantastic events throughout the pandemic. In their latest session, they hosted Dr. Carola Lilienthal, author of Sustainable Software Practices. In the nearly two-hour video (!), Dr. Lilienthal presents a legacy codebase many of us might be familiar with, applies DDD principles, and identifies opportunities for decomposition (pro tip: start at the 9:40 mark and change playback to 1.25 speed). What's more, she's not just sharing slides but modifying code throughout.

Being successful with microservices has little to do with the technology stack used. Success is so much more about the process and approach to making sense of the problem space. This video is a superb example of how to do that.


As implied above, someone "getting into" microservices for the first time faces a daunting task. Paulo Merson recognized the pain. Familiar with object-orientated SOLID principles, he set out to find the microservices equivalent. The results are the Microservice Design IDEALS.

The acronym IDEALS stands for:

  • Interface segregation
  • Deployability (is on you)
  • Event-driven
  • Availability over consistency
  • Loose coupling
  • Single Responsibility

There's a tremendous amount of food for thought here.


From time to time, the folks at InfoQ release a reference guide, or a highly concentrated summary, on a single topic. This month, Daniel Bryant published "GraphQL Reference Guide: Building Flexible and Understandable APIs".

The piece doesn't just provide a comprehensive overview. It also serves as a jumping-off point, listing copious links to additional resources. Daniel posits that GraphQL has "crossed the diffusion of innovation chasm" but still has ongoing work "in relation to scaling and federating GraphQL schema".

If you're interested in a GraphQL kickstart, this is a great place to start.



March has been a busy month for recorded API conversations:

Also, API events are still happening! You can find the list at If you have an event to add, let me know, and I'll be glad to add it.

Finally, thank you for your attention and to the Patreons who enable this newsletter to remain ad-free! That means a lot to me. And, based on the subscription numbers, others do too!

Till next time,

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