Net API Notes for 2020/02/06 - Issue 120

This week I had the pleasure of presenting the DC Web API meetup group. Increasingly, talks that I give contains multitudes; pairing down all the possible tangents to a single, straightforward path is a challenge. "Why AI Success is Built on APIs" was no different.

I hope to have my slides and a transcript to the event published to my website within the next week. Until then, however, let's get to this batch of notes!



If you've been in the API space for a while, you'll recognize the name Adrian Cockcroft. Adrian was one of the leading voices outta Netflix during its ascend to cargo cult-able status. He's since gone on to do other things. However, he still spends a fair amount commenting on the space, as demonstrated with his talk on microservices and failure modes.

When a team takes on microservices, there is a trade-off. Yes, a single producer gains implementation simplicity in only having to deal with a small bounded context, (ideally) freed from communication overhead. However, to be successful, the organization takes on deployment, organizational, and awareness complexity. As Adrian covers, teams need to understand these challenges.


Curity has long preached quality API security practices. Their recently published API Security Model is no exception.

We are at the point in 2020, where API security can no longer be an afterthought. When designing an API, the use cases, sensitivity of the data, and appropriate handling must be considered up front. Curity and their expert content on the subject is a great place to start.


Theory is one thing. But straightforward, actionable posts that leave me feeling empowered are another. Lorna Jane has written one of those with her write-up entitled "Instantly Test API Platforms with Prism and Postman.

Lorna provides practical advice for quickly testing an API design. As always, mocking the creation, and subsequent retrieval of new resources can get a bit tricky. But for quickly knocking out interfaces for a use case "smell test", Prism is a great approach.



I've recently added the upcoming API the Docs events to It remains a great place to find in-person meetups, hackathons, and or conferences worldwide in the API community. Furthermore, if you know of an event that should be listed, let me know.

To end, I need to thank my Patreons. Like before, they can soak in my thanks, given that it is the size of a backyard pool. What's new, however, is that they'll also be getting these fancy-schmancy (and legally-dubious) laptop stickers. Interested in getting a set of you're own? Sign up to be a Patreon today and the sum total of worldwide postal excellence will see to make it happen!

Till next time,

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