Net API Notes for 2019/03/21

It has been a busy week. Every six months my team gets together in one location to do a deep dive on the big issues: things like "What are upcoming technologies we should consider?", "How can we more effectively train teams?", and, the greatest, "How do we create meaningful, long-term change?"

This week we have the pleasure of noted author and conference speaker, Michael Amundsen, joining in these explorations. We're still working through the answers. But trying to coordinate the rodeo, put on a show, and keep up some semblance of regular work means there isn't a ton of time for pontificating. So - on to the notes!


Going Beyond Static Documentation

Documentation is an essential part of any API project. However, external facing APIs have an unusually high bar to clear. Adam DuVander has a welcome piece up on the Stoplight blog on how to go beyond static documentation.

Nailing the interactive portion of documentation can be tricky, especially when there is regular change. However, it can lead to a substantial difference.

Collaborating Microservices

As we've discussed several times in these notes, microservices have several advantages. However, a downside is the increased amount of complexity. Bernd Rücker has a piece on monitoring and managing microservice workflows. If you're not familiar with distributed tracing, this is a great introduction.

OpenAPI Linters

Bill Doerrfeld has a great piece on the Nordic APIs blog comparing and contrasting eight popular OpenAPI linters. Most developers are probably familiar with linters of some sort. However, with any one of these tools, there's opportunities to automate detection and notification of problematic design issues.


Wrapping Up

As I mentioned last time, I'm hiring a Principle Data Analyst to join the team at Capital One. There is an "evergreen" job description available. However, I have specifics (oh, so many specifics). If you're interested, shoot me an email.

I've added a handful of meetup events through April to If you have something to add, also let me know.

Finally, thanks to my Patreon sponsors. Their support of this newsletter,, and more is much appreciated.

Till next time, Matthew

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