HIRING! (REST API Notes for 2016/07/27)

I'll state upfront that this REST API Notes is a bit different. You may have noticed that recent editions of this newsletter have not been so recent. That is due, in large effect, to the amount of work I've been doing to propel the Capital One API Center of Excellence from standstill to smoothly moving apparatus.

It has, at times, been difficult. But the reward - an enterprise API platform that facilitates functionality discovery and reuse - is more than worth it. And I'm looking for people to join me.

I'm extremely excited to announce I'm hiring for the Capital One API Center of Excellence. Whether it is our Award Winning Ease Mobile App, our Amazon Alexa Skill, or our recently launched DevExchange External API Platform, Capital One has created a number of API-driven experiences. But we're just getting started. I am looking for passionate API practitioners to join me in writing the next chapter in Capital One's API transformation.

Do you know what Conway's Law is? Do you have a knack for effectively communicating abstract technical nuance? Do you have a passion for large scale systems design? If so, I'd like to talk to you.

If you're not currently looking but you know of someone looking for an opportunity, please, send them my way.

And thanks to everyone who has subscribed and supported this little side project thus far. The sooner I get some folks hired, the sooner I should have time for sharing great musing on API practice. Promise. :)

Till next time, Matthew (@libel_vox) http://voxpop.co

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