It is clear that we're now past our holiday slump. Conferences are restarting, thought-pieces are being posted, and API news is flowing. Here is a selection of only the essential web service thought from the past week.


API Strategy The shuttering of ESPN's public API last fall was an important moment for many in the API space. Some wondered if it was yet another high profile indication that public API creation was a thing of a simpler, more naive, web. In ESPN vs. Uber: Whose API Strategy is Best for Your Business? Mark O'Neill dives into the issue. He outlines the important strategic criteria that should be accounted for before a company invests in such public efforts.

Strategy Redux In a similar vein, 3 Scale's Steven Willmott, writing for Dzone, discusses how to build effective API Programs. He shoots straight to the essential question API creators should be asking:

"A common mistake when discussing API business models is to think of the API first. What business model should I adopt for my API? Instead, focus on how an API can be applied to support existing business. What is the right API for my business model?"

API Showcase Our final link comes by way of Kin Lane, the API Evangelist. He recently examined the Global Change Information System. He refers to it as "an example of how websites, linked data, and APIs should work in concert." Most developers point to the same standard set of APIs as examples of best practice - Github, Stripe, Twilio, etc. It is always great getting additional examples to learn from and emulate.


That's it for this week in essential REST links but the learning doesn't have to stop. APIDays in Sydney, Australia is happening this February 10th and 11th. Even though you may not be able to make it in person there is nothing against following along on social media. The conference hashtag is #APIdays. A search for that term during the even is a great way to find links to posted presentations, running conversations, and new voices to follow.

Next, the APX Conference is a new event for decision makers interested in API related issues. It is March 19th in San Francisco.

If you hear of any events worth including in this list or articles to share, let us know! Until next week, happy interfaces to you and yours!

  • Todd and Matthew

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