Net API Notes for 2024/05/16, Issue 238

Leading an API transformation is challenging in the best of times. And, as I've written about several times in the first half of this year, a confluence of forces has pushed API teams across industries to cross their "T's" and dot their "I's":

Clear and direct communication is especially important during stressful times. So is maintaining a sense of humor. That is why, in this edition of Net API Notes, I want to present an example email that API leaders should absolutely not use, no matter how well-intentioned they believe they're being

We've all had that cringey boss who doubled down on corporate doublespeak or pulled business neologisms when pressured. Take the following transformation mad-lib, inspired by real-life situations, and enjoy the irony. Then, after a chuckle or two, compare the technobabble to what is currently happening in your corporate comms; are you on the receiving end? Or do you end up using some of these empty platitudes and jargon? And, if so, how might you change? 

There are definitely some things to think about. But for now, Net API Notes is pleased to present:



Let's face it: our current tech stack is [INFLAMMATORY ANALYST ADJECTIVE]. Just recently, we all remember the [EMBARRASSING, COMPLEX FAILURE BLAMED ON CONVENIENT SCAPEGOAT]. That can never happen again, partly because we [FIRED THEM / RIGHT-SIZED / PHASED OUT THEIR ROLE], and partly because we are now all-in on executing at a [CEO'S CURRENT OVERUSED ADJECTIVE] level. 

A key piece of that execution will be completing our API [JOURNEY / TRANSFORMATION / WORKSTREAM] this [SMALLEST PLANNING UNIT]. If software has eaten the world, APIs are the [WEAK, POSSIBLY DISTRACTING METAPHOR], and our team is geared up to be at the forefront of this transformation! Over the past months, we've strategically revamped our approach, investing in a state-of-the-art tech stack, and supercharged our unparalleled modernization efforts, paving the way for seamless, self-service insights for every leader in the organization. As [COMPANY PITCHED BY (HACKER-NEWS / AIRPORT AD / MY GOLF PARTNERS)] have proven, APIs will [PITHY, PLAUSIBLE SOUNDING OUTCOME THAT ULTIMATELY MEANS NOTHING]

This work will only happen with our [WALLETS / STAKEHOLDERS / USERS]. These past [RANDOM NUMBER BETWEEN 3 AND 18] months have been filled with learning, relationship building, and seizing opportunities. While this is only the beginning, I see the continued tremendous appetite to understand our customers’ priorities and provide the best end-to-end developer experience (DX), including [JARGON FROM THE LATEST ANALYST WHITEPAPER]. This work frames a picture of our growth potential!

Your [POSITIVE CHARACTER TRAIT] is infectious, and it's propelling us toward groundbreaking achievements to monetize the moment across the entire organization and [WORD NOT NORMALLY A VERB USED AS A VERB] our API benefits. Even under divergent situations, you're setting yourself up for unparalleled success beyond the wildest outcome I could envision. 

Of course, we need to [CRUSH IT / REALIZE THE VISION / FINISH THE STORY]. With mindfulness attuned 110% to a growth mindset, we will:

  • Have an API-first mentality: The API must be the primary interface for any new business functionality going forward - we need composable building blocks. Like Lego blocks but for making money, not nerds. 
  • Improve Developer Experience (DX): We need to continue providing documentation and [LAPTOP STICKERS / SEAMLESS INTEGRATION / COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE].
  • Automate Automation: Someone once said, "Less is more," and I call that person a coward. [TORTURED SPORTS METAPHOR INVOLVING AT-BATS, FREE THROWS, OR DOWNS AT THE GOAL LINE] More is more!

This effort should be done concurrently with your existing priorities. We will not be providing additional headcount or budget at this time. 

As my favorite business guru [ELON MUSK / STEVE JOBS / GANDHI] always said: 


I realize this is an ask and I just want to say thanks in advance for being the appropriate resources brought to bear on this. I'll be out of pocket at a [CONFERENCE / OFFSITE / AYAHUASCA RETREAT] the rest of this month, but let's keep the [PARTY / DIALOG / LINES OF COMMUNICATION] open.




Wrapping Up

A nice quick one - I have spring yard work to do!

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